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Think Tankard

Think Tankard: Where Like-Minded Folks Come Together


Welcome to Think Tankard! This is a group discussion page where we can talk about world events, books, and science projects freely. Here, you will get to meet interesting people who share the same interests as you and exchange ideas while you’re at it.

Creating a bond with people who can challenge your ideologies is especially helpful if you’re going to be learning and working together. Relationships are valued in STEM much like in any other school because it sharpens your communication skills and builds rapport among fellow learners at the same time.

Come Hang With Us! 

As much as we would like to welcome everyone, Brain Barn’s Think Tankard is only open to adults aged 21 years old and above. To have a fun time, you just need to bring these three things: your ideas, your adult beverage of choice, and yourself.