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The Importance of STEM in Our Community

The world of today and tomorrow runs on science, technology, engineering and math. We can’t wait for “somebody else – somewhere else” to determine our future. STEM educated people can and will determine our future. This country desperately needs the best and the brightest. We need them now. It’s never to late to start, come on in and let’s get going!
At Brain Barn- Hobbies South, we believe that learning never stops. That’s why we accept participants from ages 10 to 100. Our goal is to enrich the community and the people in it, to make them ready for tomorrow’s challenges, today.


Transforming Learning Through STEM

Careers in STEM pay very well and are still in demand. In fact, STEM occupations have grown by 17% since 2016. That’s higher compared to the 9.8% growth of non-STEM jobs.At Brain Barn, we strongly believe that STEM should be accessible to anyone who wishes to learn more about it. Headquartered in Pendleton, SC, our veteran-owned company is dedicated to helping people learn STEM and providing support to our community, our schools and Universities.

What Sets Us Apart 

Brain Barn is the Community Education Division of Hobbies South LLC, a SC Veteran Owned Business. We take pride in fostering a hands-on approach to education and delivering personalized training to all of our participants. Our training facility provides a comfortable, safe and enjoyable atmosphere to conduct our training sessions. We also offer retail sales of Smart Toys, Electronic Kits, Robots, Drones, Games and much more.


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